Like most creatures, Fey love to eat! Depending on the specie, Fey can be carnivorous, herbivorous, or omnivorous. Unlike in Themble, there aren’t any social formalities to food. Fey simply eat when they are hungry, and don’t think about feeding others unless it is in trade for something else. Fey also do not have formal restaurants, although food vendors may appear in some towns. This is because Fey fight too often among themselves to maintain the organization needed for a full restaurant. 

Food is incredibly varied among the Fey. Patience is not always a common trait among the Fey, so both complex cooking, as well as large-scale farming is out of the question for the vast majority of Fey. Some Fey will maintain a small garden, but it is much more common for Fey to scavenge for their food. Most civilized societies find it mundane to eat grass right out of the ground, or tear into a freshly-killed animal. Most Fey, however, have no problems with this. They will happily munch on dew-covered grass, pull bark right off of trees, or dig in the bloody carcass of their latest kill. Fey eating habits resemble mundanes’ for much of the time.

Most Fey do not eat civilized creatures or other Fey. Although Fey often lack morals, it is disturbing for many of them to eat something that they could have or did have a conversation with. Most only eat mundanes. Some individual Fey do not care, while for others, it is an entire Fey community that does not discriminate within classifications. There are no punishments for eating a civilized creature or Fey typically, unless there was an agreement. 

However, Fey will also mix up their diet with simple recipes. Roasted rabbit or vegetables over a fire is considered delicious, especially when flavored with spices found nearby or traded for from other Fey or civilized creatures. Basic breads are also a common staple. More complex dishes are created by patient Fey or by civilized creatures are highly sought after. Sometimes, a Fey with knowledge of a recipe that they cannot complete themselves will trade with a chef. A new recipe for a meal or meals! Those who can turn food into an art form are highly admired, as Fey adore beauty. For most, though, they view day-to-day food as a simple necessity, rather than a potential new art form. 

Before the Feylands, Fey were limited to the resources and recipes found within their native territories. However, they lost access to many different types of plants and animals when they were moved to the harsher northern climate. Although many Greater Fey terraformed pockets of the land to make biomes comfortable for them (and therefore other Fey), some were unable to survive on the new, limited diets. For it is impossible to grow cacti in a new desert when there were no seeds to plant. Nor is it possible to eat elephants when no elephants came north. Therefore, several species of Fey, lesser, average, and Greater, have gone extinct since the Feylands were built. One of the first were the giants, who were unable to survive with less food, a restricted diet at that, and also fell to large amounts of territorial warfare.