Like in music, art, and architecture, the Fey are unable to create their own original works. So, instead, they observe, copy, and replicate whatever they find most pleasing in other societies. Before the Feylands, Fey were limited through the cultures they interacted with. However, because of the Feylands, Fey have slowly shared and swapped what they have learned. This has lead to the blending of different cultures.

When it comes to fashion, Fey generally do not like to wear any sort of clothing. They prefer staying in whatever environment they are physically built to handle best, and surviving through it the best they can, like mundane animals. Fey often feel claustrophobic and trapped in clothing. However, the vast majority of Fey love wearing fashion accessories. From tiaras to scarves to piercings to wing ornamentation, Fey love feeling beautiful. They have no regard for the symbolism behind many accessories, and therefore a lesser Fey will happily wear a golden crown or necklace as much as a Greater Fey. Unlike the Themblise, Fey see no difference in them wearing collars and a mundane animal. As long as it’s pretty, right? 

Fey strongly favor jewelry made of gold, and set with charms and precious and semi-precious stones. However, they certainly won’t scoff at glass beads. Gold acts as a conductor and encourages the flow of magic. Therefore, gold serves both a functional and aesthetic look. Charms are added to act as various wards, to encourage the collection of warm or cool air, to prevent fleas and ticks, and more. 

Fey also strongly adore colors. However, most Fey are very conscious in what colors they wear, to best accentuate their own coloration. For scarves, decorative vests, or other fabric apparel, Fey lean towards dazzling patterns stolen from various cultures.