For Fey, music and dance are the highest form of art. It is something to be revered, nearly worshiped. Among Fey, music is something close to sacred. It is taken very seriously, from little tunes sung while walking to the grand midnight dances. Their dances can last for days, even months or years, with barely a pause. For Fey, it is important to find music that speaks – either to express the feelings one has, or the emotions one wishes they felt. Dancing is a way of letting the music flow through them, and to passionately express how it makes them feel. Fey dances are unorganized and organic. They constantly shift and change, depending on the dancers and the music being played. 

Like with art, architecture, and fashion, Fey are unable to create their own works of music. Instead, they steal from the music they have heard. If they love an original piece, then they will not change it. Just as often, however, they will take bits and pieces from various songs and combine them. Fey have an excellent ear, and the pieces they create are astounding. Despite not having organized dances, they will copy dance movements from others and use them in whatever way they find fitting. 

Fey highly respect and admire civilized musicians. They will often barter goods and services in trade for new music. A talented musician has a place of power among the Fey.

Before the Feylands, Fey only knew the music, musical instruments, and dance movements of the cultures they observed in their territories. However, the Feylands has given them the opportunity to share and trade their knowledge. As such, over 800 years, Fey have mixed the music of many different societies. It has created a gorgeous array of vibrant music found only within the Feylands.