Welcome to the World of Elturas, the home of Name of the King, an upcoming novel by Katie Cordy! Name of the King is a political intrigue adult fantasy that focuses on the hardship of loyalty and family in a world where mythical creatures are given a voice.

Ireen’s dreams burn to ashes when she helps a stranger – a stranger who turns out to be the mysterious Black King. As cold and deadly as the wars he begins, the unicorn monarch had conquered Ireen’s country mere months before, and her hatred for him is only equal to the horror she feels when her beloved mentor’s restaurant is destroyed. Desiring her magical ability to know all names, the Black King promises that he will rebuild the restaurant in exchange for a year of servitude. Unable to refuse, Ireen is pinned between the Black King and her sister’s plots to see him fall. As the Black King’s secrets threaten everyone she loves, Ireen must decide where she stands before her city breaks apart. 

The World of Elturas is the setting for Name of the King. This website is where anyone can explore the world, from the characters, to the culture, the politics, and beyond. Until Name of the King is published, this website can give a glimpse of the intricate world of Ireen. In many ways, this website is the behind-the-scenes, revealing truths behind questions that may arrive and are too complex to be answered in the series alone. Delve into the myths and legends, the forgotten histories, and the closely-kept secrets, and explore the World of Elturas.